Why Go Green?



What are the benefits of going GREEN for Personal Care Companies?

Green chemistry offers the cosmetic industry an exciting new opportunity to help build brands based on strong ethical principles.

Our raw materials sources represent extracts of plants from pristine wilderness regions, meticulously hand-harvested and sorted in the traditional manner with infinite care.

Green manufacturing practices help your product leave a very low carbon foot print, in turn making your green product, even more green! Our formulations are carefully handcrafted using green formulation techniques to only deliver the utmost quality and safety while still meeting your price points.


Natural beauty, natural choice.

Make your formulations green by:

Utilizing emulsifier-free technologies in creams & lotions & confidently stabilizing your formulations with natural and/or preservative-free ingredients. After all, beauty is not only about looking good but also about feeling good and you can certainly feel good about using natural ingredients to enhance beauty.

Utilizing eco-friendly, biodegradable surfactants & cleansers in your washes and shampoo

Green formulations are:

Natural, PEG-free & 1,4 dioxane free, emulsifiers & glycol-free, sulfate-free, fragrance free, FD&C color free.

Formulated using renewable and sustainable resources.


Reliable & Established Ethical Supply Chain

Green chemistry offers the personal care industry an exciting opportunity to build brands on ethical principles.

Able to deliver the product, the supply, and the ethical and sophisticated native value chain that make this a unique moral formulation concept.

The raw materials are sourced from the wisdom and active involvement of local farmers but meet every compliance of safety, sustainability, and supply chain

Traceability & Transparency

The starting raw materials used can be traced back to the people who collected or harvested them.


All harvesting is either government regulated (which requires permits & quotas) or done on land using organic land management principles called caring for the country, i.e. in harmony with the environment.



Consumers are becoming more and more concerned with what is put in and on their bodies, hence the rise of organic ingredients. Our formulation techniques and resources source raw materials that are beyond organic. Many of the plants are collected from pristine wilderness regions, the vast arid central desert, the tropical rain-forest, alpine regions, and temperate hinterlands, untouched by pollutants from industries & cities.

Profound Luxury

Companies are looking for the new luxury.

Luxury defines who people are and today, consumers want to be less defined by money and possessions and more by their ethics and beliefs. To qualify as the new profound luxury ingredient, the product must not only be ethically sourced but to be considered as a luxury, it has to be something special.