Our lab will provide you with one on one support throughout the product development, manufacturing, and production process in order to simplify the journey from product concept to final, finished product delivery.


Industry Professionals

R&D Managers, Marketers & Manufacturers of Finished Products:

We can assist you in many ways if you are trying to expand your current business into new categories and do not have the right expertise or would like to focus on long-term research without being weighed down with conflicting priorities.

We can also complement your current R&D momentarily without long term obligation.

Keep your current brands strong and profitable by:



Venture Capitalists & Spa / Salon Business Owners

We will work with you to create your own skin, hair or body care formulations or customize your own product formulations that will meet your expectations.

Allow us to develop formulas, conduct the necessary testing, help you with packaging, assist in manufacturing and ship your finished products to your facility or customers.

We will also assist in marketing, artwork, and 100% support in your efforts through product launch and support thereafter.


Medical Professionals

Dermatologists, Medical Clinics & Spas